Support Life Sunday 2021 parish resources now available

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The resources for Support Life Sunday 10 October 2021 are now available online for downloading and use by parishes and others.

The theme of Support Life Sunday on 10 October is “Supporting and honouring health carers.” This year’s focus acknowledges the work of health carers, including family carers and health professionals, who are on the front line in supporting and protecting life.

The change of name and focus to Support Life Sunday recognises that we need to move beyond political debate or legal argument and extend to active, practical support for people facing a range of life challenges at the beginning of life, throughout life, and at the end of life.

Health carers are currently under intense pressure because of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as experiencing the impact of recent changes to New Zealand’s abortion and euthanasia legislation. Health carers are also witnesses to the ongoing impact on health and life of poverty, exclusion, attitudes towards disabilities, and addictions.

Pope Francis has acknowledged and thanked health carers in many statements throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s Support Life Sunday resources share the stories of health carers who are examples of people who support life in their homes, jobs and careers.  Each of our parishes and communities has many such examples. This is an opportunity to acknowledge and support those who support life.

Support Life Sunday (formerly Respect Life Sunday) is an important annual event promoted by the bishops. The resources have been prepared by and for the bishops’ Nathaniel Centre for Bioethics.

You can see and download the resources here.