National Liturgy Office thanks all who helped with Mary Rededication Mass

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The National Liturgy Office wishes to express our gratitude for the work of everyone who participated in the Rededication Mass last Sunday, 15 August. Especially to those who said ‘yes’ to the invitation to give generously of their time and gifts.

Below is the list of people we wish to say THANK YOU to. We are offering prayers for you all during this week.

Nā māua noa, nā
Fr John O’Connor & Catherine Gibbs
National Liturgy Office


To all the following as well as those who were present as part of their roles at the Archdiocese of Wellington offices, Catholic Inquiry Centre and NZ Catholic Bishops Conference.
Students from Bishop Viard College Porirua
Siose Lokeni, Jeovhani Ieremia

Students from St Catherine’s College Welllington
Paige Wilson, Mihi Hough, Siline Dunne

Students from St Patrick’s College Welllington
Henry McIntyre and Xavier Frost

Students from St Mary’s College Welllington
Marianna Boless and Sophia van Es

Scripture Readers and Prayer of the Faithful
Janet Cummings, Arama Pou, Korty Wilson, Hélène Doyle, Sarah Mulligan Sarah Pinto, Catherine Keating.

Offertory gifts
Jeffrey and Kath Villagonzalo

Signing for the deaf community
Angela Murray

Tangata Whenua
Henare Walmsley, Danny Karatea-Goddard, Rangi Hau

Samoan community
Mika Teofilo, Melania Luka-Lui

Choir and music
William McElwee and David Trott

St Mary of the Angels parish priest, staff, altar servers, technology & parishioners
Fr Kevin Mowbray, Sr Frances Gibbs, Abby Cummins, Susan O’Rourke, Wes Wernicki, Sibylla Eos Deapera Laccay and Anna Trang Ngoc Hoang,

Edward Lee and his team.


Photo: Kaumatua Henare Walmsley performing a Māori blessing for our new artwork, E Hata Maria, e ta matua wahine o te Atua, with the work's bearers Paige Wilson, Mihi Hough and Siline Dunne from St Catherine's College and  Henry McIntyre and Xavier Frost from St Patrick's College