New Zealand Catholic Bishops Welcome increase to annual refugee quota

“We are pleased that the Government has today announced that New Zealand’s annual refugee quota will be increased to 1,000 from 750.” Said Bishop Patrick Dunn, President of the Catholic Bishops Conference.

“This increase will mean that for an additional 250 people every year they will be granted acceptance to make a new home in New Zealand, this will be life changing for them and their families.” Bishops Patrick said.

“The extent of the global refugee crisis is staggering and the number of people that we can help is never going to solve the issue. An end to conflict and persecution and meaningful and lasting peace are the only things that can resolve this crisis.” He said.

“It is now for us as a community to welcome those who will settle in New Zealand, and do what we can to support them as they build a new life and find peace after the trauma they’ve experienced.”