New Zealand Catholic among Australia’s top 100 brightest young minds

Canberra-based New Zealander Areti Metuamate has been selected as one of 100 young people in Australia to participate in the Brightest Young Minds Summit 2010.

Mr Metuamate, 25, is Secretary of Te Runanga o te Hahi Katorika ki Aotearoa, the Catholic Maori advisory body to the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference. He is currently completing a Masters degree at the Australian National University on a Freyberg scholarship, and was recently elected one of two student presidents at the University - a first for a New Zealander.

Having competed with thousands of applicants aged between 18 and 28 from across Australia, Mr Metuamate says he was “absolutely blown away” by his selection to be part of the Summit.

“I’m usually good at guessing my fate, but I really didn’t expect to be selected for this,” he says. “I am really grateful and happy to show that Kiwis can also compete with the best here in Australia.”

Organisers selected the brightest young people not only on their academic ability, but based on the attributes of Leadership, Passion, Creativity, Initiative, Intelligence, Charisma, Communication and Perseverance.

The Brightest Young Minds Summit will take place from Sunday 4 to Friday 9 July in Sydney.