New Zealand Bishops publish document on the Catholic education of school-age children

The Catholic Education of School-Age Children is a document about our Catholic education system produced by the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference.

The Document outlines the Bishops thoughts about the Catholic education network, the principles which they believe should always underpin its operation and their concerns and hopes for the young people who move through it.

The Bishops have distributed the document to Boards, senior staff at Catholic Schools and Parish Priests, with a request to take time to study it and to understand its application in the context of their school community.

The Catholicity of our schools is the reason they exist. Each school does not exist in isolation. All Catholic schools in New Zealand are part of one cooperative network which operates on the principle of the common good to ensure that quality Catholic education is delivered across the country.

“As a faith community we all have keen interest in the young people who enter and eventually leave our schools. It is our hope that this document will draw together all of us who play a part in the education of our young people, and unite us in strengthening our school system and ensuring it achieves its purpose, says Archbishop John Dew, President of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference.

“We are profoundly grateful for the work that all staff do for Catholic education and as Bishops we prayerfully support the ongoing endeavours to provide an education experience which provides the formation they need to flourish as they go out into the world young adults, says Archbishop Dew.

“Every member of our parish and school faith communities has the wondrous task of bringing Christ’s good news to those whom we are privileged to serve. All the more joyful is this duty when it is our young people with whom we share the love of Jesus and the mission of his Church, says Archbishop Dew.

“Pope Francis has been calling us to imagine with freshness who we are as God’s people. Indeed, every generation of Christians seeks understanding and clarity about our nature and purpose as disciples of Jesus. As adults this is especially important if we are to contribute effectively to passing on our faith to the next generation, he says.

“This resource puts the encounter with Jesus at the centre of Catholic Education. It places our schools at the heart of every parish or pastoral area’s evangelising mission. It is our expectation that it become an indispensible reference point for all Trust Boards, Boards o Trustees, school and diocesan staff as well as parish based educators in faith and parish councils. It is a robust document which does not shy away from highlighting challenges for us all.” He says.

Click here to read the document.