New Director takes the helm at the National Liturgy Office

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops (NZCBC) announced, this week, the appointment of Father John O’Connor as Acting Director of the Catholic Church’s National Liturgy Office.

Fr John is a priest of the diocese of Christchurch, ordained in 1985. While serving in parishes around the diocese until recently, he has also completed a MA in Spirituality and continues to offer spiritual direction, retreats and spiritual formation seminars around the globe. Currently he is completing a MA in Liturgy. Fr John is Vocations Director for the Christchurch diocese and is the creator and author of the website and online ministry.

Fr John says, “I am convinced that if we get the liturgy right, all other aspects of the life of the church will fall into place easily.”

Bishop Charles Drennan, NZCBC Secretary said, “we are most grateful to Fr John for filling this role, given his many other commitments. Fr John brings a creativity and technical skill set to the role as well as a deep love of liturgy. Our hope is that the work of the National Liturgy Office will transform the quality of liturgical experience in parishes. Collaboration and building relationships with local liturgical commissions and councils will then be a vital part to the role.”