New Director of National Liturgy Office Appointed

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference has announced they’ve appointed Louise Campbell as the incoming Director of the National Liturgy Office, commencing on 2 October 2012.

Louise has been working as a Liturgy Advisor or the Auckland Diocese for the past thirteen years. While in this role she was an Auckland member of the National Liturgy Commission; more recently she has served as a member of the National Liturgy Advisory Group.

“I’m passionate about the liturgical life of the Church and the capacity of that liturgy to engage, inspire, challenge and transform both ecclesial and personal life, says Louise

“For me liturgy explains the whole of baptised life and provides unending opportunity for graced encounters between God and the people of God, I see liturgy as the place where we discover and rehearse our vocation in the Church and commitment to our world, she says

“I have come to realise that when we embrace liturgy wholeheartedly, with all its demands and all its delights, it will make us its own; this is the understanding that I am looking forward to applying in my work as Director, she says

Louise takes over from Fr Trevor Murray, the inaugural director from 2009 following his move to be Parish Priest of Waihi.

The National Liturgy Office (NLO) is an agency of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops' Conference. It was established in 2009 to assist the bishops in achieving their pastoral priorities for liturgy in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The bishops appointed Fr Trevor Murray, a priest of the Hamilton Diocese, as the inaugural Director of the NLO.