Reflections on the Sunday Gospel

The liturgy of the Catholic Church provides a framework for reflection which is used by Catholics throughout the world.  Some people prefer to reflect upon the readings for each day; others reflect upon the gospel reading for Sunday during the week. Whatever method you choose, the readings are a great context for reflection.

6th Sunday of Easter - 1 May 2016

If you love me you will keep my word...these words are a simple statement of cause and effect.  Loving Jesus has profound effects on behaviour. ...More


6th Sunday of Easter, Year C
John 14:23-29
4th Sunday of Easter, Year C
John 10:27-30
Third Sunday of Easter, Year C
John 21:1-19
2nd Sunday of Eastewr, Year C
John 20:19-31
The Resurrection of the Lord, Year C
Luke 24:1-12
Passion Sunday 2016, Year C
Luke 19:28-40
5th Sunday of Lent, Year C
John 8:1-11
4th Sunday of Lent, Year C
Luke 15:1-3, 11-32