The Catholic Bishops Committee for Ecumenism


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2014

  1-8 June 2014

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The commitment of the Catholic Church to ecumenism, to the unity of the Christian community, is based on the undoubted will of Jesus Christ as symbolised at the Last Supper when Jesus prayed that his disciples might be one, as he and his Father are one.

The Catholic need for Christian unity is, in the first place, a call for unity within the Church itself. Catholics must have a recognition and acceptance of the central importance of unity for a true understanding of the very nature of the Church.

The unity within the Church is an essential prerequisite to forming even greater degrees of unity with other Churches and ecclesial bodies. This unity is as necessary within the Church in New Zealand as for the Church world-wide.

What is the Catholic Bishops Committee for Ecumenism?

The Catholic Church and the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand are fully committed to ecumenism. As part of their commitment to and work in this area, one of the Bishops is appointed to be the Episcopal Deputy for Ecumenism by the Bishops Conference. He is assisted in this work by a group of people appointed by the Conference; this group constitutes, to give it its full name: the National Committee for Ecumenism of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

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